BI analytics available from 5000 rubles

We automate reporting and indicators basing on your data. You receive an effective tool for increasing the profit of your company.


What do we do?

At Glarus-Analytics we set up data storage systems and automate reporting. We help businesses make data-driven decisions, effectively allocate company resources and achieve their objectives.

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How does our analytics system work?

  • hiw1
    We collect data from your sources
  • hiw2
    We transfer data to the database on
  • hiw3
    You receive ready-made analytics as interactive dashboards and reports.

Advantages of

  • Low consumption of your digital resources - all data is stored on the cloud of the glarus-analytics system.
  • Quick access to important metrics for your business.
  • Possibility to work with dashboards on any device.
  • Save the result in a convenient format.
  • Share links of ready-made analytics with partners.
How is analytics from convenient?

What can be automated?

  • KPI calculation

    Allows you to calculate employee bonuses for performance indicators, taking into account the profitability and cost-effectiveness of the company

  • Income statement

    Helps to control the cash flow of the company and distribute resources correctly

  • Expense report

    Helps to identify unwanted changes in items costs and eliminate them

  • Analysis of warehouse rotation

    Allows to control the rate of stock rotation

  • ABC client analysis

    Allows you to identify the most significant customers in terms of gross sales and gross profit

  • Integration with CRM system

    Allows you to determine the size of the conversion from each client acquired

  • Traffic analysis

    Allows you to evaluate the flow of customers from different advertising sources

  • Sales pipeline analysis

    Allows you to see the customer's journey from acquaintance with the company to purchase

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Our guarantees

Our clients conducted security audit of our systems, which we successfully passed. Therefore, we guarantee the confidentiality and security of your data storage.

Our guarantees

Price list

Lite Basic Advanced
Price, RUB/month 5000 15000 100000
Systems connected 1 up to 5 unlimited
Dashboards/tables up to 5 up to 20 unlimited
Support in chat in chat chat and phone
Users up to 10 up to 50 up to 200
Database size, GB. up to 2 up to 15 up to 50

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